Transgenders seek shelter in Lahore’s first old-age home


Reported by: Saman Iqbal

Transgenders can breathe a sigh of relief as Lahore’s first old-age home that caters to their needs is up and running in Ferozwala. 

“Our families kick us out when we’re small,” said one transgender living at the old age home. “How can we live our entire lives alone?”

The old age-home has six rooms and everything in it caters to the needs of transgenders. Here, they cook, clean and take care of each other by themselves just like any other family.

The project was supposed to be built in Lahore but after residents objected, transgender activist Ashi Butt was forced to have it set up at Ferozwala.

Ashi Butt established the old-age home in a bid to provide a sanctuary for transgenders who are kicked out of their homes.

“Transgenders can seek refuge here. Transgenders suffering from diseases such as AIDS will also be admitted to the old age home.

For now, the old-age home is stocked with basic necessities of life for the transgenders. Ashi Butt, however, plans to provide education and medical treatment for the occupants of the old age home.

Ashi Butt plans to provide technical training to transgender children as well in a bid to empower them.

Story first published: 15th May 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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