Tribal elders vow to foil plots against Pakistan

Tribal elders vow to foil plots against Pakistan
Tribal elders vow to foil plots against Pakistan

JAMRUD: The tribal elders arranged a jirga at the Jamrud Sports Complex on Sunday and condemned a recent gathering in Kabul wherein objectionable speeches were made against Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Noorul Haq Qadri, a former federal minister, said, “We wanted good relations and trade with Afghanistan.” The former lawmaker said millions of Afghans had left their homes and took shelter in Pakistan when the now-defunct Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

“We gave our homes and hujras to these refugees and shared trades and other facilities with them. They lived with us as brothers and sisters. It is strange that Afghan rulers ignored our sacrifices and they gave place to anti-Pakistan countries like India and Israel. Pakistan has evidence to prove that India and Israel sent terrorists to Pakistan and also facilitated terrorists who are attacking Pakistan,” he added.

Condemning the recent jirga convened in Kabul, Noorul Haq Qadri said people of Afghanistan and Pakistan had brotherly relations with each other but some countries and elements were trying to affect these ties which, he said, was not possible.

The former parliamentarian said tribesmen were patriotic people and were always ready to offer every sacrifice for the motherland. Other tribal elders also vowed to offer any sacrifice for the country. They, too, wished good relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan but condemned the recent jirga arranged in Kabul.

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