Tribute: 6 Moslehuddin Gems Sung By Ahmed Rushdi



By: Omair Alavi

It has been 14 years since Moslehuddin left his fans but they still haven’t forgotten his music, his songs and his devotion to his profession. The maestro had the honour of composing songs for all the big names of his era but his collaboration with Ahmed Rushdi is still popular even 50 years after their last film together. Let’s take a look at 6 of his most popular songs with Ahmed Rushdi and pay tribute to the two great artists who are still alive in our hearts and minds.

Kaisa Safar Hai Kehye (Zamana Kia Kahega – 1961)

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Moslehuddin was not the regular film composer of the 60s as he heralded the era of modern music that was later carried forward by Sohail Rana and Robin Ghosh. This song was one of his first with Ahmed Rushdi and Naheed Niazi (his wife) and he used the combo well until the late 60s.

Raat Saloni Aayi (Zamana Kia Kahega – 1961)

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A classic that is valid even today! Moslehuddin uses Naheed – Rushdi in this song that was filmed on Kamal and Shamim Ara and was composed on the lines of western music.

Dil Ne Tujhay Maan Lia (Dil Ne Tujhay Maan Lia – 1963)

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Again it was the Syed Kamal as the hero and Ahmed Rushdi as his voice. Moslehuddin composed this number at a time when faster tracks were a rarity and leading men didn’t sing and drive at the same time. Trendsetter it turned out to be!

Pyar Main Hum Ne Khayi Hai Thokar (Joker – 1966)

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Syed Kamal was popular as Pakistan’s Raj Kapoor and it was in 1966 that he came up with his version of Joker, long before his idol’s much-delayed Mera Naam Joker that was finally released in 1971. Kamal went for Moslehuddin as composer and that was a masterstroke as all the songs turned out to be hits including this one.

Aaj Is Shehr Main (Joker – 1966)

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Nearly all songs of Joker turned out to be hits including this one in which Syed Kamal was on top of his game. It ranks as one of the very best songs filmed on him and why wouldn’t it, he had his favourite composer and singer combining for it.

Raat Chali Hai Jhoom Kay (Josh – 1966)

Perhaps the first song in which Ahmed Rushdi experimented with his vocals; on the insistence of Moslehuddin, Rushdi changed his vocals from filmi to go-deep and the result was a song that mesmerizes listeners even after 5 decades.

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Story first published: 7th August 2017

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