Trump reportedly called White House ‘a real dump’

Trump reportedly called White House ‘a real dump’
Trump reportedly called White House ‘a real dump’

The 55,000-square-foot mansion that has housed America’s first families for centuries is apparently not up to US President Donald Trump’s liking.

“That White House is a real dump,” Trump reportedly told members of his Trump National Golf Course in New Jersey, Huffington Post reported.

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The remark was added in a Golf Magazine feature published Tuesday exploring Trump’s complicated relationship with the sport. The magazine claimed the hotelier-turned-POTUS reportedly told some of his golf buddies that he prefers staying at his own properties rather than at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, because the executive mansion is “a real dump.”

Trump openly enjoys spending time away from the White House at his own resorts. He has taken four trips to the Bedminster club since his inauguration, the feature added. Another site tracking Trump’s leisure reported he has vacationed on 11 weekends of the 28 in his presidency, costing taxpayers around $29 million.

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On the contrary, Obama described White House saying, “The inside of the White House doesn’t have the luminous quality that you might expect from TV or film; it seems well kept but worn, a big old house that one imagines might be a bit drafty on cold winter nights. Still, as I stood in the foyer and let my eyes wander down the corridors, it was impossible to forget the history that had been made there—John and Bobby Kennedy huddling over the Cuban missile crisis; FDR making last-minute changes to a radio address; Lincoln alone, pacing the halls and shouldering the weight of a nation.”

In an interview with Time magazine, Trump praised the White House for its beautiful kitchen, amazing phone system and incredible historical furniture. He patted himself on the back for appreciating it more than others do.

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