Two Alleged IS Terrorists Killed in Karachi


Karachi (July 31, 2017): Two alleged terrorists claimed link with banned militant outfit were killed during a police raid in Shah Latif Town, the suburb of Karachi.

Police what said in its claim that they had raided a house in Shah Latif Town upon receiving a tip from an informant. Two men present in the house opened fire on the raiding party and were killed in retaliatory fire.

One of the dead men was identified as Abu Huzaifa Tanzeemi, but the identification of the other could not be ascertained.

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According to Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Rao Anwar, the men were members of Al Qaeda’s South Asia chapter and had been involved in the killing of Deputy Superintendent of Police FAiz Shigri and security personnel.

“They also involved in killing of two doctors and other target killing activities ,” he said.

Rao Anwar said that a rifle, a pistol and a snatched motorcycle were recovered from the killed men, police said.

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