KARACHI: Police has arrested two suspects in abducted Dua Mangi’s case on Tuesday.

According to police sources, two suspects who were talking to Dua via phone before the kidnapping have been arrested.

Both of them were arrested because of their mobile data.

It is pertinent to mention here, that Dua was kidnapped three days ago on Saturday from DHA area of Karachi’s District South.

According to Police sources, no call has been received yet for ransom, meanwhile the family members of the girls have alleged one of her close friend Muzaffar to be involved in the kidnapping.

Dua went to her friend’s birthday party on Saturday evening. After the party she went on a walk with her friend Haris, where unidentified armed men in car shot Haris and abducted Dua.

Haris with critical condition is under treatment in the hospital.

The report has been filed against the incident and the CCTV footage has also been taken out.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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