UAE Minister declares Qatar Undermining GCC Allies


Web Desk (July 17, 2017): The United Arab Emirates has stated that Qatar is undermining GCC allies, while UAE warned Qatar that it could not belong to the Gulf Cooperation Council if it undermined regional security.

The UAE state minister for foreign affairs also denied a US media report saying that his country had been behind an alleged cyber attack on Qatar in May which sparked a crisis.

Speaking at the Chatham House international affairs think tank in London, The UAE State Minister for Foreign Affairs Gargash repeated claims that the country funds extremists.

Saudi Arabia and its allies imposed sanctions on Doha on June 5, including closing its only land border, denying Qatar access to their airspace and ordering their citizens back from the emirates. The four Arab states accuse Qatar of ties to Iran and of funding Islamist extremist groups. Qatar has denied the accusations. The Gulf crisis is the worst to hit the region since the establishment of the GCC in 1981.

UAE Minister Gargash said there was a broader problem with financing for extremists in the Gulf but that countries like Saudi Arabia were “dealing with it”.

Qatar has accused its neighbours of being behind an alleged cyber attack on Doha’s state media which set into motion the current diplomatic crisis.

The remarks covered sensitive political subjects such as Iran, Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, Israel and the United States. They were quickly seized on by news organisations outside Qatar, but Doha said they were false.

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