Ukrainian fugitive who faked death found living in French castle

French castle
Europol has captured a fugitive wanted for “large-scale corruption” in his native Ukraine. The man was found with several accomplices living the high life in France.

A high-profile Ukrainian fugitive was arrested in France earlier this month, European police agency Europol said on Tuesday. The man, who was wanted for tax fraud and money laundering, was living a lavish lifestyle that included living in and owning a castle near the city of Dijon in eastern France.

Police also seized €4.6 million ($5.3 million) in cash and luxury goods, including a Rolls-Royce Phantom and three paintings by the Spanish surrealist, Salvador Dali.

The man had managed to evade justice in his native country by forging death certificates. French authorities were tipped off to suspicious activity after the castle was purchased for €3 million by a firm in Luxembourg.

The suspect, who had engaged in “large-scale corruption” in Ukraine, was arrested along with three accomplices.

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