Unanimous resolution: NA condemns Trump’s anti-Pakistan remarks


The National Assembly adopted a unanimous resolution on Wednesday, condemning US President Donald Trump’s statement pertaining to Pakistan’s role in their new Afghan policy.

Trump, in his statement on August 21, had accused the country of harbouring terrorists on its soil and providing safe haven to them.

“The National Assembly of Pakistan rejects the unacceptable targeting of Pakistan by US President Trump in his statement on Afghanistan and South Asia,” read the resolution.

“NA also rejects claims of General Nicholson, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) commander in Afghanistan, regarding existence of Taliban shuras in Quetta and Peshawar.”

Senate adopts initial response to Trump’s regional policy statement

Given India’s known support, the communique continued, and its destabilising policies in the region, the House condemns attempts by the US administration to provide more space to India in Afghanistan and considers it a move highly detrimental to regional stability.

“The resolution rejected the US claim of giving Pakistan billions of dollars in aid,” it said. “In fact, Pakistan’s economy has suffered a loss of more than 123 billion dollars.”

The House also acknowledged the sacrifices of security forces in their counter-terrorism operations and extended full support to the country’s armed forces.

Earlier  in the day, Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly, Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah called for a joint session of Parliament to give a strong response to the United States’ new Afghan policy.

A copy of the resolution available with The Express Tribune:

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