US Air Strike Kills 13 Civilians In Afghanistan


Kabul(August 31, 2017): A deadly U.S. air strike on suspected Taliban hideouts in the western Herat province of Afghanistan on Monday killed 13 civilians and 16 militants, officials confirmed. 

Jailani, a spokesman for the provincial governor, informed news Agency that U.S. forces conducted an aerial raid on Taliban targets in the Bakht Aabad area of the restive Shen Dand district.

He said 16 Taliban militants, including two top commanders, were killed and four more wounded.

“Unfortunately, 13 civilians were martyred and seven others were wounded in this raid,” he said, adding up to 19 civilians were also freed from Taliban captors following the raid.

The governor’s spokesman said investigations into the incident were underway. These deaths come a week after U.S. President Donald Trump reversed America’s stance on Afghanistan and authorized a troop ramp-up.

In his new policy on Afghanistan and South Asia, the U.S. president did not specify the troop levels authorized to augment the 8,400 soldiers now in Afghanistan. But in June, Pentagon plans were made public, calling for 3,900 additional troops.

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