US Announces Head Money For Fazlullah, Two Others  


Washington (March 09, 2018): United States (US) has put head money on commanders of banned Tehrik-i-Taliban (TTP) Mullah Fazlullah, Abdul Wali and Mangal Bagh on Thursday.

The step taken by US authorities has come in ahead of talks with Pakistan to better curb extremism in the region.

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Head money for Bagh and Wali was fixed $ 3million while that for Fazlullah is $ 5million. The United Nations envoy to Afghanistan urged Taliban today to take up an offer by the Afghan government of direct talks on peace.

“The offer of negotiation is on the table,” said Tadamichi Yamamoto at a Security Council meeting to mark the annual renewal of the UN mission to the war-torn country.

“It is now incumbent upon the Taliban to come forward with an offer of their own, and start direct talks with the government to put an end to the suffering of the Afghan people,” he said.“Making peace and reaching out to opponents requires resolve, courage and above all national unity,” he added. “Political leaders need to place the national interest above partisan agenda.”

He said he hoped that parliamentary elections could be held in 2018 and a presidential vote in 2019. He also expressed concern about the growing number of civilian casualties at the hands of the Islamic State group in Khorasan province.Afghan President Ashraf Ghani recently unveiled a plan to open talks with the Taliban, including eventually recognizing them as a political party.

In return, Ghani said the militants should officially recognize the Afghan government and constitution, a perennial sticking point in past attempts to open talks.

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