US Apex Court Lets Full Trump Travel Ban Take Effect


Washington (December 5, 2017): The United States Supreme Court on Monday allowed the newest version President Donald Trump’s travel ban to take effect pending appeal.

This is the first time justices have allowed any edition of the ban to go forward in its entirety. It signals that some of the justices might be distinguishing the latest version from previous iterations and could be more likely, in the future, to rule in favor of the ban.According to the ruling, now travelers from Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Chad with “bona fide” connections to the United States can continue to enter the country while the cases proceed, whereas some travelers from North Korea and Venezuela remain blocked indefinitely, US media reported.

The decision eliminates restrictions imposed by federal courts based in California and Maryland that were similar to those designed by the Supreme Court in June. At that time, the justices allowed only part of an earlier, temporary travel ban to be implemented.

The battle over the travel ban dates to the first week of the Trump administration and has involved different countries, restrictions and exemptions.

After losing in nearly all federal district and appeals courts through the winter and spring, the administration won the Supreme Court’s partial support in June.

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