US Embassy Car Hits Yet Another Motorcyclist in Islamabad


Another traffic accident involving a US diplomat has surfaced in Islamabad. Two riders on a bike were hit by an American embassy car last night driven by the US Embassy Second Secretary Chad Rex Ausburn .


The accident happened near Constitution Avenue around 9.40 pm where both riders sustained injuries.

Nazakat Aslam Awan and Muhamad Waseem, the injured motorcyclists, were quickly moved to PIMS hospital for treatment. Luckily, both were declared out of critical danger after the initial treatment.


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After the Accident

The driver of the vehicle was moved to Secretariat Police Station for further inquiry. The secretary produced the diplomatic card and a valid traffic license as well. Police told that they will keep him at the station unless a written letter, stating otherwise, comes directly from the foreign office. As per the diplomatic rules, police cannot arrest or detain any diplomat working with the embassy.

Police further sought help from the traffic police to assist in the case as well. Here are some of the photos from last night;

Chad Rex Ausburn

SSP-Operations Najeebur Rehman Bugvi told;

Police have prepared an SOP to deal with such incidents, and as per the SOP diplomatic document would not be accepted by the police [for release] without its verification by the Foreign Office.

According to the latest reports, the second secretary was released by Police later on the same night.

This is not the first incident of its kind involving a US diplomat. Just a few weeks ago, a drunk US diplomat killed a motorcyclist after ignoring a red light. One rider died on the spot while the other was shifted to the hospital.

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