US Threats: Senate Approves Report of Committee of Whole House


Islamabad (August 30, 2017): Senate approved the report of Committee of the House over US President Donald Trump’s new policy for Afghanistan and South Asia and his threats to Pakistan.

The Upper House of the Parliament met there today with Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani in the Chair.

The report of the Committee of the Whole House on Guidelines for Pak-US Relations was presented in the house by Leader of the House Raja Zafarul Haq.

The report termed US President Donald Trump’s Afghan strategy as one sided by putting the entire onus on Pakistan for the failure of US policy in Afghanistan.

It said that US was itself responsible for its failures in Afghanistan.

The report said Pakistan’s perspective has been ignored despite the ground realities of its sacrifices in the war on terror.

It said Islamabad’s legitimate concerns regarding expanding ungoverned spaces in Afghanistan used as sanctuaries and safe havens for orchestrating terrorist attack inside Pakistan have been completely ignored.

The House adopted a report of the committee of the whole containing initial response to the US President’s Afghan-South Asia policy statement.

The report has been prepared after meeting of the committee of the whole that met over the last two days to prepare policy guidelines in light of the emerging regional realities and role of the United States.

The Chair directed the concerned authorities to send copies of the report to embassies and high commissions of different countries in Pakistan to convey Parliament’s message to the international community regarding Trump’s statement.

On the occasion, Chairman Senate said that the Upper House proved that the nation was united over integrity and solidarity of the country.

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