US transcended red lines by inviting India: Qureshi

 Shah Mahmood Qureshi
US has transcended red lines by inviting India to Kabul and such steps can’t restore peace in Afghanistan, furious Shah Mahmood Qureshi warned President Trump during fiery speech in national assembly.

While responding to accusations of harbouring miscreants, senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) replied that Islamabad had rendered myriad sacrifices in anti-terror campaign. “We don’t desire war but we would never bow down before US” he said while adding, “Pakistan has always articulated peace and stability in Afghanistan.”

Qureshi also took a dig at Trump’s statement pertaining to aid and invited him to sum up Pakistan’s expenditure incurred and financial assistance given by US. He also asked Trump that how much is US contributing to bear expenses of Afghan migrants currently residing in Pakistan.

Qureshi extolled govt’s decision of sending Khawaja Asif to China, Turkey and Russia and put forth suggestion to add Tehran in the timeline. “Iran and Pakistan share similar stance on regional issues and a blind eye can’t be turned towards Tehran’s role in regional stability,” added Qureshi.

Qureshi apprised Trump of terrorists’ safe havens in Afghanistan and inquired why America does not take action against them whereas he accused Washington of creating hurdles in effective border management system.

“Nation has unanimously rejected Trump’s statement,” articulated Qureshi.

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