Various Sections of Motorway Remain Closed due to Dense Fog


Islamabad (November 09, 2017): Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has forecast dry weather for most parts of the country during the next 24 hours. 

The PMD in its weather forecast said that mainly dry weather is expected to prevail in most parts of the country.It, however, said that the foggy conditions, smog will continue to blanket plains of Punjab and some area of KP.

Temperature of some major cities recorded on Thursday morning:

Islamabad and Muzaffarabad eleven degree centigrade, Lahore and Peshawar fourteen, Karachi twenty-two, Quetta three, Gilgit five and Murree ten degree centigrade.Meanwhile, various sections of the Motorway have been closed for traffic due to dense fog.

According to Motorway police, M-I from Peshawar to Islamabad, M-2 from Islamabad to Lahore and M-3 from Faisalabad to Gojra remain closed.

The road users have been advised to contact Helpline 130 and control room number 5494126 to avoid any inconvenience.

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