LAHORE: the actress Veena Malik took a jibe at Indian moon mission Chandrayaan-2  and posted a mocking tweet over.

“Chanda has made the India Mamoo,” she said in satirical manners. In another tweet, she said, “Indian is not allowed on the moon.”

She said soon news will appear ISI behind the failure of the Indian moon mission.

India´s space program suffered a huge setback Saturday after it lost contact with an unmanned spacecraft moments before it was due to make a historic soft landing on the Moon.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought to comfort glum scientists and a stunned nation from the lunar program´s command centre in Bangalore, saying India was “proud” and clasping the visibly emotional mission chief in a lengthy bear hug.

Blasting off in July, the emerging Asian giant had hoped to become just the fourth country after the United States, Russia, and regional rival China to make a successful Moon landing and the first on the lunar South Pole.

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