Video: Hania Amir grooves to viral song ‘Power Di Game’


KARACHI: Popular song ‘Power Di Game’ is taking over the internet by storm. Most recently it made Pakistani actress Hania Amir groove as well.

In an Instagram video, the Pakistani actress can be seen grooving to Power Di Game. Hania tries to sing along to the lyrics of the song and rap them in the video.

Power Di Game is gaining prominence over the internet due to its catchy beat and hard-hitting lyrics. Actor Haroon Rashid, who stars in the film Verna which contains the song, said that the song reflected the genius of Shoaib Mansoor.

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“The song shows the genius of Shoaib Mansoor. He writes whatever he wants to and conveys the message in a film as well as in a song whether it is pop, rock or even rap,” Haroon had said. “So yeah, it is a very hard-hitting song and actually, that’s what the whole movie is about.”

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