Walnut a dry fruit with multiple benefits

Among dry fruits, walnut has special significance. It is mostly harvested in surrounding countries of Mediterranean Sea and Central Asian States (CARs).

Weather in these places is quite suitable for it. There are multiple benefits of walnut; it not only gives your skin a brighter touch but also kills cancerous germs. It is also beneficial for the healthy growth of nails and hair. According to experts, following are some of the key benefits which can be gained from the consumption of walnut and its oil.

Reduce the effects of old age

Vitamin B is found in abundance in walnut. It helps reduce the psychological pressure and get rid of wrinkles, the major signs of getting older. It is better to consume it on daily basis to stay young.

Skin freshness

Consumption of walnut improves health of skin. It conserves the freshness of skin. Oil assists in keeping the face glow. In fact, oil is more beneficial for skin than eating it as a dry fruit.

Terminate dark spots

Dark sport near eyes seems clumsy most of the time. One can get rid of them if walnut oil is applied on them regularly.

Maintain brightness of skin

Among the other benefits of oil, one is that it can assist in maintaining the natural brightness of skin. If it is applied with honey, olive oil, honey, and fresh cream, it can have astonishing impacts on one’s skin.

Proper growth of hair and maintain brightness

Apart from skin, walnut oil is also beneficial for hair. It can maintain their brightness and help them grow smooth. Women especially, with the regular use of walnut, can grow their hair with natural qualities. Paste from walnut oil can also be applied for gaining similar benefits. It will also preserve the natural colour of the hair.

Stop dandruff

Walnut oil can help nip the bacteria, which cause dandruff, in the bud. So if you are having this problem and find no solution, try it and bid farewell to dandruff.

Walnut oil and its usage

Walnut oil usage thrice a week can have miraculous impacts on your skin and hair. Experts opine that oil can also be used as paste which can be prepared by the mixture of coconut and olive oils. Walnut is undoubtedly a blessing for human beings. It should be consumed on regular basis so that its natural benefits could be utilized for living a healthy life.

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