Was it a Pakistani Who Leaked Unaired Games of Thrones Episode to the Web


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A reddit user, allegedly a Pakistani individual, has reportedly leaked this week’s “Games of Thrones” online, leaving the entire web to download the episode well ahead of its scheduled airtime on HBO.

According to details the gentleman leaked “Games of Thrones” episode 4 three days ahead of its airing, causing millions of loss in advertising and triggering spoilers war that has engulfed the internet already.

“Gift from Pakistan”, said the “zmax87“, alleged Pakistani hacker behind the leak, while posting the link of full episode of “Games of Thrones” on reddit.

Other media outlets are reporting that the leaked episode was due to Star India, the distribution partner of HBO in India.

However, the video made available online came from the reddit user who said it as a “Gift from Pakistan”.

The Google Drive link — that contained the leaked episode — is now offline. Google initially said that it was taken offline due to humongous number of downloads but later mentioned it as a “policy violation of Google Driver’s TOS”.

Leaked episode has been replicated on multiple video sharing website since then.

Not to mention HBO servers were hacked last week, however, the media firm has said that latest leak is not related to its last week hack. It said that investigations are underway to find out the the exact track of leaked episode.

This is not the first time that HBO’s top selling shows have been leaked online on the internet.

Via Mashable

Originally Published on ProPakistani.com


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