Weather warning issued as snow and ice hit Scotland

Warning: Snow and ice.
A weather warning has been issued for snow and ice across Scotland. Snow showers currently affecting higher ground are expected to spread on Wednesday night until Thursday morning.

The Met Office has issued yellow “be prepared” warnings for snow and ice for the whole of Scotland and a large part of the UK.

The snow, with strong winds and icy conditions will make travelling difficult, especially over the hills and in northern coastal areas.

A Met Office spokesperson said: “Snow showers already affecting some parts, especially hills, will become more widespread later on Wednesday before slowly starting to become less frequent and less intense later on Thursday.

“The heaviest and most frequent snow will tend to be over hills and mountains as well as in northern coastal areas.

“Several centimetres of snow are expected over the Highlands and Grampians whilst at low levels snow cover will be smaller and patchier in nature with some places, especially coastal areas, seeing little lying snow.

“Conditions will also be windy and icy stretches are still expected where snow does not settle.”

Emergency services have taken to social media to urge members of the public to take care on the roads.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service added: “The @metoffice has issued yellow weather warnings for snow and ice across much of Scotland through Wednesday and Thursday.

“Take care on the roads and when out and about, check public transport before travelling and ensure you are prepared.”

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