Will Continue Struggle For Sanctity of Vote: Nawaz


Lahore (February 27, 2018): Former Prime Minister and Ex PML President Mian Nawaz Sharif said that he will continue struggle for the sanctity of vote. 

Addressing PML N’s Central Working Committee’s (CWC) session in Lahore, he said that doctrine of necessity was used in the past to justify illegal and unlawful governments.

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He said that politicians are a soft target, adding that the sanctity of vote is nowhere to be seen.

He said that his party was the first one to initiate a case against dictators who introduced martial law in the country and lamented that not even a single case was lodged against dictators.

“Where is your vote’s dignity, where is ours?” said Nawaz to the gathering.He further said that people are afraid of taking action against dictatorial forces.

Nawaz said that it was not easy working under the current situation.

“Was Pakistan made to function under such a system?” He said. “Unfortunately, I do not accept this system,” added the former prime minister.

He further said that people want something else but ‘certain forces’ want something else.

Earlier, Nawaz also expressed displeasure over the verdict of his disqualification from the party presidency, saying it was like a dictatorial decision.He added that there were no dictators ruling the country at present but the decisions taking place were like the ones made during dictatorships.

However, he said, the entire nation knew what happened with political leaders and parties.

Earlier, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Central Working Committee on Tuesday elected Nawaz Sharif as the lifetime Quaid of the party.

The proposal was put forwarded by Shehbaz Sharif, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and PML-N Chairman Raja Zafarul Haq. The proposal was welcomed by applause and was adopted by the CWC.

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Before this, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif was elected as the interim president of the PML-N unanimously and unopposed.    

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday suggested the name of Chief Minister Punjab as the interim President of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz during the Central Working Committee meeting of the party. The decision was adopted unanimously.

Addressing the meeting, Nawaz Sharif said that biggest party of the legislature was forced out from the Senate elections.

He said that politicians are targeted and called thieves, dacoits and drug dealer because of being easy target but they do not have the courage to touch the dictators.

“I openly say that I do not accept these decisions,” said Nawaz.

He said that setting aside the constitution and taking oath at the hands of a dictator is the biggest crime. “Taking the oath of a military dictator is the biggest crime and the case in which Nawaz Sharif is disqualified is not even the 100th part of this crime,” he said adding that they would not accept decisions from such judges.

This is the greatest victory of PML-N and a strong narrative and the nation is waiting for the PML-N to come to them with this much strong narrative.

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