Will not spare Nawaz Sharif this time, vows Zardari


LAHORE: Pakistan People’s Party staged a political power show on Monday in Lahore where PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari took a swipe at ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif, Samaa reported.

Zardari criticised economic and regional policies of PML-N government, especially the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), saying that Nawaz Sharif lacks the understanding of economic crisis and regional affairs.

“He is employing the chaos theory to occupy resources of people and strengthen his monarchy. They don’t know what’s CPEC, through which we had to become a regional power but we are mere constructing roads and bridges. They consider CPEC as a body for loan acquisition,” said Zardari, while addressing a large number of his supporters.

“The nation is being sucked deeper into quagmire since they have acquired huge loans. They have become a cancer, but people will not forgive them, if we spared Mian Sahib this time, Allah will not spare us,” he asserted. – Samaa

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Story first published: 5th February 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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