Woman acquitted by LHC after spending 19 years in jail


CHINIOT: Lahore High Court on Wednesday ruled that a woman, who had spent the past 19 years in jail for allegedly murdering her husband, was not guilty of the crime.

Rani Bibi was 19 years old when she was first married to her husband. However, her in-laws deviously trapped her by blaming her for the murder of her husband.

Rani’s father died in prison after he was booked in the same case as his daughter. Rani’s father died after languishing in prison for 11 long years.

After spending the entire youthful phase of her life in prison for a crime that the court has ruled she did not commit, Rani Bibi is not exactly ecstatic at being released.

“I’m happy but sad as well,” she said. “Everyone treated me unjustly, the government did so as well. I was deprived of justice. After ruining a large part of my life, they say I’m free,” she added.

Rani stated that in Pakistan the poor had nobody while the rich and affluent were able to escape justice.

The court remarked that though it could not return the years that the woman had spent in prison, it had asked IG Prisons to ensure any such incident is not repeated in the future.
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Story first published: 6th December 2017

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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