Woman burns husband alive over refusal to give his phone password to her

Purnama hits wife leading to argument after which she pours petrol on him, set him on fire.
An Indonesian woman burned her husband alive after he refused to give her the password to his cell phone, Mail Online reported.

Dedi Purnama, 26, had been working to repair the roof tiles on the couple’s home when his wife Ilham Cahyani, 25, asked for his password.

He refused, leading to an argument during which he hit her before she poured petrol on him and set him on fire.

Purnama died two days after the incident in the East Lombok Regency of the Indonesian Province of West Nusa Tenggara. East Lombok Police Chief Made Yogi said the initial verbal argument between the couple had escalated when he climbed down from the roof and hit his wife.

Cahyani reportedly grabbed a petrol can and poured the flammable liquid over her husband before setting him aflame using a lighter.

A witness identified as Oji told reporters he had run over to the couple’s house after spotting the flames and helped put them out.

He was rushed to the Keruak Health Centre and underwent treatment for two days for the horrific burns he sustained.

Photos show large parts of the 26-year-old’s upper body severely burnt as he lies on a mattress. Purnama died after two days hospital.

Cahyani has been arrested and reportedly remains in custody at East Lombok Regional Police Station, although it is unclear if she has been charged. The investigation is ongoing.

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