Woman Falls Into Pond While Chasing Video Drone


Web Desk(August 30, 2017): A tourist spending the weekend in  castle learned a lesson about vanity when she fell into a pond while posing for drone video.

It shows the group of tourists exploring their weekend home: A chateau in Western France. A woman spots the drone filming overhead and runs to stay in frame as she makes faces for the camera.

The tourist fails to watch where she is going, and falls backward into a pond.

The drenched vacationer, whose lit cigarette is ruined by her plunge, is pulled out of the water by friends.

The woman then falls onto the grass, where she pulls out a new-ruined pack of cigarettes and throws them before flopping onto the lawn in surrender.

Stokes was later able to see the humor in the situation and admitted the incident was a “funny footage fail.”

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