World’s Cutest Goal Keeper Ever


Web Desk (November 14, 2017): While Pandas enjoy the reputation of being friendly animals, they have become an emblem of China where they are bred and cared for in large numbers. Also featured on the WWF logo, the giant cuddly bears are known as the national treasure of China.

Take a look at a cutesy baby Panda jiggling with soccer ball while he takes a shot at goal-keeping.

Making visitors drool over its cute little tricks, we are sure you too wouldn’t be able to get enough of this adorable little Panda playing with a ball.

Known as a symbol of peace and friendship, Pandas have garnered attention from all over the world. It was only recently that FLOTUS Melania Trump paid a visit to the Beijing Zoo and the internet went gooey-eyed over the pictures that showcase her meeting with Panda Gu Gu in China.

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