Yoga Practice Harnesses the Power of Touch

Yoga exercise
Looking to cultivate more connection with yourself—and with others? Want to experience the oneness versus otherness so many yoga teachers talk about? This sequence will show you how.

Remember when you got a boo-boo as a kid and your parent kissed the pain away? Ever notice how a hug seems to make things feel better? Turns out it is not magic.

Touch is a powerful and necessary aspect of healing and survival.

When we are in pain, hugs can be a balm for the soul.

When we are in joy, they are a way to share that experience. Physical touch helps us feel in synch with something greater than ourselves.

It literally brings people together, permeating our physical layer and dissolving the divide between “us” and “other”.

Humans are not alone in needing touch and contact.

Our dog, Tucker, begs for cuddles like other dogs beg for food.

He will literally cut off his air supply if it means being close us.

Google “animals hugging” and any worry you have will instantly melt away as you scroll through images of various creatures nuzzling against each other. (Pro tip: Add the word “cute” to your search to up the ante.) Turns out it is a very mammalian thing to do.

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