You too, Brutus?

You too, Brutus?
You too, Brutus?

ISLAMABAD: It could not have come at a worse time—the news of a widening chasm between Chaudhry Nisar and the prime minister. It seems like when Nawaz Sharif’s chips are down, it has always been the closest to him who turned to easy options, be it the 1999 martial law or the current dispensation. Well, the rule of law may be its nascent act at best, taken at face value. In Pakistan’s history, it is never wise to see such activism as being true to its purpose.

There is no time and frankly no wit in the man to turn to Nisar saying “You too, Brutus?” and it has never been the uncanny wit and his grasp at the political chessboard that made Nawaz survive for so long. Rather, it has always been “the hand of the God” or as some may like to put it, the “long hands of the Godfather” that has helped him achieve his political aspirations.

Has Nawaz been too overconfident owing to his escape from a military coup and then being able to turn time and tide in his favour to be back where he was before the Musharraf era? Has he been audacious beyond the scope of his stars and those of his kinship this time? I believe PM Nawaz must be relying on the “miracles” he achieved in his past as a harbinger of some good to come his way in the future. That seems like the only motivation left for him to cling to his seat, eyeing all the way to 2018 for a fresh start.

Saad Awan

Published in The Express Tribune, July 17th, 2017.

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