Zayn Malik’s Teri Deewani Goes Viral


Web Desk(February 28, 2018): While the news of British-Pakistani singer Zayn Malik covering some pure desi songs and qawwalis in Urdu might have gotten his fans excited, his recent cover of legendary singer Kailash Kher’s song ‘Teri Deewani’ is something that Zayn or his fans shouldn’t be proud of.

People do encourage singers taking an all-time classic and giving it their original touch but in this case, it has totally backfired on Zayn.

From the start to the end, everything about Zayn’s version has destroyed the song.

Uploading the cover on his official Instagram, Zayn received mixed reactions from people.

While some praised him for daring to take on such a difficult song, others just reckoned he had done nothing but ruined it.

“Indian singers are better than foreign singers, Kailash Kher’s was much better in live,” commented an Instagrammer.

“Never heard anything soo bad. Seriously!!! He should never try to sing Hindi songs,” wrote another.

We do hope that Zayn Malik’s venture of singing Bollywood songs becomes a success but some things are better when left original and pure.

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