With Karachi and other parts of the southern region being battered by one of the worst possible downpours of the past few decades, all major services in the city have been impacted. As a consequence of the torrential rains, Zong 4G’s customers are also facing degradation of the network in Karachi and adjoining areas.

Being completely aware of the situation and cognizant of the distress customers are going through, Zong is putting all its efforts and resources to restore connectivity to the stable levels for the customers of the rain- and flood-hit areas.

As always, the company stands with the people in these tough times and has declared a network emergency, as all its technical teams are working 24/7 tirelessly to ensure that connectivity can be restored on an urgent basis.

Zong 4G is Pakistan’s leading cellular and digital services company with an expansive network footprint across the country. The company stays committed to serving Pakistanis in the harshest of situations and regrets the inconvenience caused to the users by recent network degradation or outage.

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